Our customers have been asking for a Rotax bass trombone for quite some time. After years of development, we're happy to announce that the B502 is now ready for purchase. We've been testing it in the marketplace for over a year. In that time, refinements have been made to our original designs. As we continually strive for perfection, we reserve the right to make changes to the B502 (and all of our horns).

Our goal when building the B502 was simple – to maintain a consistent sound throughout every register. More to the point, we wanted that sound to be "trombone-like", especially in the mid and upper registers. Gone are the WOOFTONES of the 90's. This horn has plenty of clarity and sparkle, allowing you to express your musical ideas no matter the setting.

The B502-I has independent Rotax valves, either an unsoldered yellow or rose brass bell, and your choice of a single or dual bore slide. The slide has rose brass outer tubes, a yellow end crook, and nickel oversleeves. The leadpipe is removable to allow you to find the best mouthpiece and leadpipe combination to fit your needs.

B502's with yellow bells have rose brass valve wrap tubing which provides some brilliance when played at louder volumes. You'll also be amazed at how resonant this instrument at softer dynamics. Many times, an instrument can become "small" when played softly. This results in a distant sound for the listener. We overcame this tendency through numerous sessions with the incredible talent we're fortunate to work with in their home venues.

Standard Features

B502-I-Y Bell Section
  • Yellow brass bell
  • Rose brass tuning slide
  • Rose brass valve wrap tubes
  • Nickel and yellow brass main F/Bb bows
  • V: .562" single bore
  • V-DB: .562"/.578" dual bore
B502-I-R Bell Section
  • Rose brass bell
  • Yellow brass tuning slide
  • Yellow brass valve wrap tubes
  • Yellow brass main F/Bb bows

Photo Gallery

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Bass Trombone Artists

Edwards Bass Trombone Artists range from soloists to commercial players to orchestral players. Use the following list to compare and contrast the different setups these trombonists use.

Artist Body Bell Tuning Slide Slide Leadpipe
Aharoni, Eliezer B427 1179CF Rose B-DB B2 Silver
Baker, Will B502-I
Beghtol, Jason B454-E 1214CF Yellow Dual Radius B-DBN B1 Brass
Bell, Sebastian B454-E 1023CF Yellow Single Radius B-STDN B2
Bermann, Jim B454-CR-D 1023CF, 987CF, 1311CF, 1223CF Rose, Yellow Dual Radius B-DB, B-DBN B3 Silver
Brink, Philip B454 1243CF Rose B-DB B1 Brass
Brown, Joshua B454-DE 987CF Rose Single Radius B-DBN B3 Silver
Carr, Alan B454 1340CF Rose B-STD B2 Silver
Carver, Michael B454-E 1239CF Yellow Single Radius B-STDN B3 Brass
Chinchilla, Iván B454 1047CF Rose B-DBN Unknown
Cravens, Terry B454 1311CF Rose B-DBN Unknown
Froelich, John B454-DE 999CF Yellow Dual Radius B-STD B3 Custom
Guilford, Matthew B454-DE 1501CF Rose B-STD B2 Silver
Gulino, Frank B454-DE 1119CF Rose Single Radius B-STDN B3 Brass
Harper, Gregory B454-D 1023CF Rose Dual Radius B-DBN B1 Brass
Hoelscher, Mark B502-D
Hutchins, Tony B454 1123CF Yellow Single Radius B-DBN B2 Brass
Lantzy, Jared B454-E 927CF & 1023CF Rose Dual Radius B-DB B2 Custom
Markey, James B502-I
McGinness, John B454-E 1059CF Rose Dual Radius B-STDN B2 Brass
McHenry, Darren B454 1143CF Yellow Dual Radius B-DB B2 Brass
McKinney, Russell B454-E 1023CF Rose B-DBN B3 Silver
Milling, Darrin C. B454 987CF Yellow Dual Radius B-DB-AN None
Norton, Peter B454 1317CF Rose B-DBN B3 Silver
Pagano, Gerry B502-D
Rainey, Adam B502-I
Rayment, Don B454-V 1143CF Yellow B-DB B2 Brass
Shinn, Erik B454-GE 1149CF Yellow Single Radius B-DB B2 Brass
Spears, Maurice B454 927CF Rose B-DB-AN B1
Stern, David B454 1141CF Yellow B-DBN B2 Silver
Subero, Angel B502-I
Taylor, David B454 1215CF B-DBN Rose B2 Taylor
Thevenet, John B454 987CF Rose B-DBN B2 Brass
Triplett, Anthony B454-E 1239CF Rose Single Radius B-STDN B2 Brass
Villers, Nicolas B502-I
Wilborn, David B454 1149CF Rose B-DB Unknown
Woltering, Clint B454-E 1117CF Rose Single Radius B-STD B2 Brass
Wood, Jeriad B454-V 1119CF (raw brass) Rose Single Radius B-DBN B3 Brass
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In Their Own Words

Darren Kramer

"The Edwards Jazz Trombone is simply the best trombone I've ever played. I am NOT an equipment junky and I am not an impulse buyer, however, I visited the Edwards booth at the 2004 IAJE and ended up buying this horn on the spot! The consistency throughout the entire range of the horn is remarkable... every note feels the same! I also enjoy the response and tone flexibility - I am able to acheive a dark, lush tone on ballads as well as a full, biting tone on Funk, Jazz and Salsa when playing with my band DKO...all with minimal effort! I highly recommend this horn to any serious trombonist."

Darren Kramer
Trombonist, Bandleader, Composer