Bass Trombone B454-DE

Bass Trombone B454-DE

Bass Trombone B454-DE

Versatility is the key to our bass trombone design. From orchestral to big band to brass band, the B454-DE can adapt to any performance situation.

9½", 10" or 10½" bell flares are available in a variety of wall thicknesses and tempers with soldered or unsoldered rims. In addition, you may choose from yellow, rose or red brass with a clear, lacquer finish.

Double Axial Flow valves are available in an open wrap design with Bb, F, and D tunings as standard. Edge bracing is now standard on all dependent bass models.

Single and dual bore slides in standard weight and lightweight configurations include three brass leadpipes with further custom lead pipe options available in silver and brass.

Changing tuning slide material and design has a profound effect on instruments. Edwards has many tuning slide options available on request.

The Edwards bass trombone fulfills all of your current needs in an instrument yet can grow and adapt as your playing develops or you move into new musical genres. • Read Joshua Brown's review of the B454-DE.

Standard Features

Bore Size
.562" or .562"/.578" bore
Interchangeable leadpipe system with 3 leadpipes
Bell Sizes
  • 20 Gauge - Heaviest (.031" thick)
  • 21 Gauge (.028" thick)
  • 22 Gauge (.025" thick)
  • 23 Gauge - Lightest (.022" thick)
Bell Materials
  • Yellow Brass (70% Copper / 30% Zinc)
  • Rose Brass (85% Copper / 15% Zinc)
  • Red Brass (90% Copper / 10% Zinc)
Bell Treatments
  • Soldered
    • A soldered bell tends to have a very centered sound with a lot of core (fundamental). The articulations are slightly dampened and softer with the solder, while the sound is more direct and compact.
  • Unsoldered
    • An unsoldered bell has a very wide sound with more overtones. Articulations are easier with an unsoldered rim. More near feel is apparent with these bells as the sound is wider, which helps give the player more feedback.
  • Tempered
    • Tempering occurs when a bell is spun twice on a mandrel which work hardens the bell. This adds brilliance and colour to the sound.
  • Double Buffed
    • Double buffing thins the bell slightly. It actually creates a thickness in between any two gauges.
  • Heat Treated
    • Heat treating is a baking of the entire bell. This softens the metal immensely and creates a very dark sound. This works best on heavier bells as it tends to free them up. Heat treating is not recommended on thinner bells as it makes them more prone to mute dents. The CF treatment has virtually replaced heat treating.
  • CF Treated
    • CF treating is a partial heat treating process. This treatment allows the bell to blow more freely and adds colour to the sound.
  • Dependent Axial Flow Valves
  • Pitched in F and D
  • B-STDN
    • The B-STDN is the standard .562" bore bass trombone slide. This slide provides a player with greater flexibility in the upper register. It is most comparable to the Bach 50 slide. The B-STDN has an yellow brass outer slide with nickel sleeves and endcrook.
  • B-STD-AN
    • The B-STD-AN is the standard .562" bore all nickel bass trombone slide. The B-STD-AN has an all nickel outer slide without nickel sleeves. The all nickel slides are drawn to the same wall thicknesses as our yellow outer tube slides. This ensures forte volumes stay well in control by the player while giving a faster response and more core to the sound.
  • B-DBN
    • The B-DBN is a .562"/.578" dual bore slide. This slide adds width to the sound and blows freely in the low register. The B-DBN has a yellow brass outer slide with nickel sleeves and endcrook Three leadpipes aid the player in achieving the desired compression of the individual instrument.
  • B-DB-AN
    • The B-DB-AN is a .562"/.578" all nickel dual bore slide. This slide adds width to the sound and blows freely in the low register. Three leadpipes aid the player in achieving the desired compression of the individual instrument. The all nickel slides are drawn to the same wall thicknesses as our yellow outer tube slides. This ensures forte volumes stay well in control by the player while giving a faster response and more core to the sound.
Tuning Slides
  • Single Radius
    • Single Radius tuning slides are the most common. They have one continuous bend from small to large end. They are very free blowing and open in all registers.
  • Dual Radius
    • Dual Radius tuning slides have two bends. The shape is more square with the two bends making a flattened top. The dual radius provides a quicker response and ease in the upper register, however, the sound is more compact than the single radius tuning slide. All dual radius tuning slides are CF treated to offset the compact nature of this tuning slide.
  • Both types available in yellow or red brass
  • RawBrass
  • Lacquer
  • Silver Plate
  • Gold Plate
  • Satin Finish

Photo Gallery

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Bass Trombone Artists

Edwards Bass Trombone Artists range from soloists to commercial players to orchestral players. Use the following list to compare and contrast the different setups these trombonists use.

Artist Body Bell Tuning Slide Slide Leadpipe
Aharoni, Eliezer B427 1179CF Rose B-DB B2 Silver
Baker, Will B502-I
Beghtol, Jason B454-E 1214CF Yellow Dual Radius B-DBN B1 Brass
Bell, Sebastian B454-E 1023CF Yellow Single Radius B-STDN B2
Bermann, Jim B454-CR-D 1023CF, 987CF, 1311CF, 1223CF Rose, Yellow Dual Radius B-DB, B-DBN B3 Silver
Brink, Philip B454 1243CF Rose B-DB B1 Brass
Brown, Joshua B454-DE 987CF Rose Single Radius B-DBN B3 Silver
Carr, Alan B454 1340CF Rose B-STD B2 Silver
Carver, Michael B454-E 1239CF Yellow Single Radius B-STDN B3 Brass
Chinchilla, Iván B454 1047CF Rose B-DBN Unknown
Cravens, Terry B454 1311CF Rose B-DBN Unknown
Froelich, John B454-DE 999CF Yellow Dual Radius B-STD B3 Custom
Guilford, Matthew B454-DE 1501CF Rose B-STD B2 Silver
Gulino, Frank B454-DE 1119CF Rose Single Radius B-STDN B3 Brass
Harper, Gregory B454-D 1023CF Rose Dual Radius B-DBN B1 Brass
Hoelscher, Mark B502-D
Hutchins, Tony B454 1123CF Yellow Single Radius B-DBN B2 Brass
Lantzy, Jared B454-E 927CF & 1023CF Rose Dual Radius B-DB B2 Custom
Markey, James B502-I
McGinness, John B454-E 1059CF Rose Dual Radius B-STDN B2 Brass
McHenry, Darren B454 1143CF Yellow Dual Radius B-DB B2 Brass
McKinney, Russell B454-E 1023CF Rose B-DBN B3 Silver
Milling, Darrin C. B454 987CF Yellow Dual Radius B-DB-AN None
Norton, Peter B454 1317CF Rose B-DBN B3 Silver
Pagano, Gerry B502-D
Rainey, Adam B502-I
Rayment, Don B454-V 1143CF Yellow B-DB B2 Brass
Shinn, Erik B454-GE 1149CF Yellow Single Radius B-DB B2 Brass
Spears, Maurice B454 927CF Rose B-DB-AN B1
Stern, David B454 1141CF Yellow B-DBN B2 Silver
Subero, Angel B502-I
Taylor, David B454 1215CF B-DBN Rose B2 Taylor
Thevenet, John B454 987CF Rose B-DBN B2 Brass
Triplett, Anthony B454-E 1239CF Rose Single Radius B-STDN B2 Brass
Villers, Nicolas B502-I
Wilborn, David B454 1149CF Rose B-DB Unknown
Woltering, Clint B454-E 1117CF Rose Single Radius B-STD B2 Brass
Wood, Jeriad B454-V 1119CF (raw brass) Rose Single Radius B-DBN B3 Brass
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In Their Own Words

Brian Allen

"I've been blessed with this instrument for several years and I m still discovering new things about it everyday. With this horn, I'm limited only by my own imagination and technical shortcomings. I feel like anything is possible. It inspires me to take chances and go for whatever I m hearing, no matter how extreme. I couldn t ask for a better vessel through which to communicate.

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