Iván Chinchilla

Bass Trombone Artist

Iván Chinchilla

Iván Chinchilla

Bass Trombonist, Trombones de Costa Rica

Instrument Specs

  • Model: B454
  • Bell: 1047CF
  • Slide: B-DBN
  • Tuning Slide: Rose
  • Leadpipe: Unknown
  • Model: T350
  • Bell: 336CF
  • Slide: T-BCN
  • Tuning Slide: Rose
  • Leadpipe: Unknown

As founding member of Trombone de Costa Rica, Iván Chinchilla has toured all aver United States, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Europe since 1991. With TCR he has received recognitions as the National Prize of Music in Costa Rica 1997 and the Special Prize of the City of Passau 1999 in Germany.

He played bass trombone with the Central American Symphony Orchestra and the Ensemble of the National Selection of Bands of Costa Rica. Since 1991 participate as guest trombonist with the National Symphony of Costa Rica. Is also a free lance trombonist with salsa and pop bands.

Mr. Chinchilla maintains an active career as clinician and soloist, perfomring recitals with piano, band, orchestra and other ensembles. He participates as guest artist and professor at music camps, music schools, concert series and other organizations. Some of these include "Martes por la Noche", a concert series of the Universidad de Costa Rica Music School; "Summer Music Camp" of Western Connecticut State University; Boston University School of Music and the Costa Rica National Symphony Orchestra.

Iván is Professor of Bass Trombone, Tuba and Symphonic Band of the University of Costa Rica Music School. He has been an artist/clinician for Edwards Instrument Co. since 1999.

Iván is a native of Cachí, a small town in the mountains of Cartago in Costa Rica.

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In Their Own Words

Gerry Pagano

"I've been playing Edwards for a long time. I won my job in St. Louis on an Edwards in 1995! Lately, I've been working with Christan on the B502. In it, he has created a wonderful instrument. I prefer dependent valves, which I know puts me in the minority. I just like the response, and I'll sacrifice a few options in favor of the "straight pipe".

"With this horn, I've never been happier. It is centered, consistent through out all registers, and does it respond! The sound is clear - not spread out and "foggy". The B502-D sounds and feels like a trombone, not a slide tuba. The valves are extremely fast, and I never have to do anything, they just work! Paired with a good mouthpiece (see Griego Mouthpieces!), it just allows me to hear the music, and the horn is not in the way. And I happen to think its a beautiful horn as well. Smooth lines, well balanced, fits well in my hand, no extra support with some "rest bar" or other contraption. Just me, my horn, and some tunes! I will be playing this one for a long time... or until Christan makes another one that's even better!"

Gerry Pagano
Bass trombonist, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra