Eric Carlson

Tenor Trombone Artist

Eric Carlson

Eric Carlson

Second Trombonist, Philadelphia Orchestra

Instrument Specs

  • Model: T350
  • Bell: 303
  • Slide: T-BC, T-DB
  • Tuning Slide: Rose Dual Radius
  • Leadpipe: T1 Brass

Artist Comments

"My Edwards helps me make a sound that is clear and projects well in the orchestra. I have especially appreciated the modular aspect of the instrument, as it allows me to fine tune the horn for different repertoire and playing situations."

Eric Carlson has been a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra since 1986. Prior to joining the Philadelphia Orchestra he played with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra for six seasons, and with the North Carolina Symphony for three seasons. His teaching positions have included Shaw University in Raleigh, NC, the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore and Temple University in Philadelphia. He attended Wheaton College, where his major teachers were Edward Kleinhammer and Arnold Jacobs.

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In Their Own Words

James Scott

"I'm impressed with the quality of the Edwards products, and by the consistency of tone through the different registers that seems to be a hallmark of their trombones. The modular concept allows you to customize a horn to your specific needs, and their consistency of intonation and response makes it easy to change to another of their horns for another musical genre. These horns hold up to the loudest playing, and speak easily in the softest applications."

James Scott
Principal Trombonist, Calgary Philharmonic