John Froelich

Bass Trombone Artist

John Froelich

John Froelich

Minneapolis Freelance Bass Trombonist

Instrument Specs

  • Model: B454-DE
  • Bell: 999CF
  • Slide: B-STD
  • Tuning Slide: Yellow Dual Radius
  • Leadpipe: B3 Custom

Artist Comments

"As my playing has changed and grown over the years, I have been able to adapt my Edwards Bass to my new sound and needs."

Bass trombonist John Froelich lives outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has been a member of the Lake Wobegon™ Brass Band since its founding in 1992 and can be heard on their soon to be released CD, "Bravura." In addition to the brass band, John regularly performs with the Civic Orchestra of Minneapolis, the Riverside Brass Quintet, the Basilica (Minneapolis) Brass Quartet, and the Paramount Jazz Orchestra. He has been a member of the Minneapolis Trombone Choir and Minneapolis "Concentus Musicus," where he played bass and tenor sackbut.

His major teachers were Kenton Frohrip, Ronald Ricketts and Henry Charles Smith. He completed a Ph.D. in music in 1987 at the University of Minnesota. The topic of his dissertation was the mouthpiece forces used by trombonists.

John was president of the Minnesota Music Educators Association from 1995-97 and has served on the boards of various state and national organizations. After teaching instrumental music in Minnesota's public schools for over 30 years plus four years as an educational specialist for the Minnesota Department of Education, John took an early retirement in order to practice bass trombone and work on music education research. For the past several years he has conducted the "20 Piano Concert" for the Minnesota Music Teachers Association where over 700 piano students perform piano duets for an audience of over 4000.

John exclusively performs on Edwards instruments and is a clinician for both Getzen and Edwards where he specializes in clinics and workshops on brass performance practice for young students and music performance assessment.

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In Their Own Words

Adam Rainey

"With its rich sound, freedom and versatility, the Edwards bass trombone is my clear choice. It is the best trombone I've ever played."

Adam Rainey
Bass Trombonist, Kansas City Symphony