Philip Brink

Bass Trombone Artist

Philip Brink

Philip Brink

Bass Trombonist, Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra

Instrument Specs

  • Model: B454
  • Bell: 1243CF
  • Slide: B-DB
  • Tuning Slide: Rose
  • Leadpipe: B1 Brass

Artist Comments

"For several years I was happy with my Bach bass trombone — until a friend invited me to visit the Edwards factory. I decided on Edwards immediately. My B454 has kept me happy for the last 10+ years and I see no reason not to continue indefinitely.

"Between Edwards' incredible selection of bells, slides and valve arrangements, as well as their drive to constantly improve and their dedication to each player, there has been no other possibility for me. If you want the best, get an Edwards!"


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Philip Brink brings a wide and varied background to his duties at Mahidol University College of Music. He received Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Theory and Composition from Northwestern University. Further studies in composition and trombone took place at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Juilliard School, New York City. He has studied with some of the most noted teachers of trombone in America, including Frank Crisafulli, Edward Kleinhammer, Donald Harwood, Jeffrey Reynolds and Charles Vernon. Following university studies he traveled to Chile for the US Peace Corps, teaching music and playing in early music groups.

As a teacher Philip has worked at the Universidad Católica de Chile, the University of Illinois, the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, the University of Calgary [Canada], the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts [HKAPA] and most recently Northeastern Illinois and Illinois State Universities.

Philip was a member of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and the New Mexico Symphony before joining the Hong Kong Philharmonic as Principal Bass Trombonist, a position he held for 12 years. Family concerns brought him back to Chicago where he was an active teacher and freelancer with area orchestras and dance bands. In Chicago, Philip played with the Chicago Sinfonietta, Chicago Philharmonic and the Chicago Symphony. In 2004 he took part in a European tour as soloist with a local group; during this tour he played the premiere of Kerry Turner's Bass Trombone Concerto, which was written for him. Philip Brink has recently been appointed as bass trombonist and low brass principal with the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra.

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In Their Own Words

Adam Johnson

"My custom Edwards trombone is the most consistent, resonant instrument I've ever played. Throughout the dynamic spectrum and across all ranges the sound is pure and the response is flawless. The pros at Edwards are very knowledgeable and they fit my trombone to my exact preferences. I whole-heartedly recommend Edwards instruments to anyone who is serious about reaching their full potential as a trombonist."

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