Joshua Brown

Bass Trombone Artist

Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown

Dallas Freelance Bass Trombonist

Instrument Specs

  • Model: B454-DE
  • Bell: 987CF
  • Slide: B-DBN
  • Tuning Slide: Rose Single Radius
  • Leadpipe: B3 Silver

Artist Comments

"I wouldn't be working for Edwards if I didn't think their horns are the best on the market."

Joshua Brown joined the Edwards Team in 2001 after meeting Christan Griego at the International Trombone Festival. His first website redesign, launched in October 2002, better reflected the Edwards image of a leading brass manufacturer. Joshua also implemented an online shopping cart where, for the first time, customers could build a custom brass instrument online.

Joshua's role expanded in 2002 when he became the Getzen webmaster. Soon after, Edwards UK was launched -- a site that focuses on the European brass musician in general, and the British musician in particular. With the latest Edwards redesign, he has once again raised the bar.

In addition to the Edwards family of websites, Joshua is also the webmaster for the Griego Mouthpieces, Kagarice Brass Editions, OSU Trombones, and many others. He currently works as a designer/developer for He lives in Dallas, Texas, where he is a freelance bass trombonist.

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In Their Own Words

Stan Jeffs

"The Edwards T396-A is a fantastic instrument. I am very glad I made the purchase. It's a wonderful fixed-horn design that uses different alloys to bring out a warm and beautiful sound. The response is very fast.

"The clarity is excellent throughout all ranges -- by far the best I've played. As a new owner, I initially played this instrument without using the Pillars and was very happy. But now I've found several setups that allow the "true colors" of this horn to ring out. I enjoy this trombone immensely."

Stan Jeffs
Freelance Musician, Seattle, WA