Jared Lantzy

Bass Trombone Artist

Jared Lantzy

Jared Lantzy

Bass trombonist, Hawaii Symphony Orchestra

Instrument Specs

  • Model: B454-E
  • Bell: 927CF & 1023CF
  • Slide: B-DB
  • Tuning Slide: Rose Dual Radius
  • Leadpipe: B2 Custom

Artist Comments

"Having been on both sides of the fence, performing on Edwards trombones and working at the factory for a time, I appreciate the amount of thought and detail that goes into the design and production of their horns. Every little detail is thought through and that gives me an unsurpassed trust in my instrument when I'm performing whether it's symphonic works, big band charts or solo literature. That trust doesn't exclusively come from the horn though, it comes from people. Being able to work extensively with Christian and the rest of the staff to shape a horn that responds and sounds the way I desire is truly one of the aspects that puts Edwards trombones above and beyond all other instrument makers in my mind."

Jared Lantzy was appointed Bass Trombonist of the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra in 2008. While in Hawaii, Jared was a member of the Honolulu Brass Quintet, the Hawaii Opera Theatre Orchestra (H.O.T.), Ballet Hawaii Orchestra, and served as Guest Lecturer of Tuba/Euphonium at the University of Hawaii Manoa.

As a freelance musician, Mr. Lantzy has performed with such groups as the Oregon Bach Festival, Dallas Chamber Musicians, Civic Orchestra of Chicago, New Mexico Symphony, Elgin Symphony, Northwest Indiana Symphony, South Bend Symphony, International Chamber Artists, Waco Symphony, Lubbock Symphony, and Roswell Symphony. Commercially, Mr. Lantzy has played with Bill O'Connell's Chicago Skyliner's Big Band, John Burnett Orchestra, Bobby Sander's Big Band, numerous musicals, and several internationally broadcasted holiday celebrations. Mr. Lantzy has also recorded albums with the DePaul University Big Band with guest artists Jim McNeely and Mark Colby.

Mr. Lantzy received his musical education from Texas Tech University and DePaul University. As a student, Mr. Lantzy was invited to the 2007 Alessi Seminar as a participant; winner of the 2004 ETW division II solo competition; a member of Burnin!, The Texas Tech Jazz Trombone Band; winner of the 2005 ETW Jazz Trombone Ensemble Competition; a member of the 2004 ITA Remington award winning Texas Tech University Trombone Choir; a finalist in the 2004 Donald Yaxley ITA solo competition, and a member of the Texas Tech Trombone Quartet, which was selected as a finalist in the ITA quartet competition in both 2002 and 2004. His primary teachers include Charlie Vernon of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Floyd Cooley of the San Francisco Symphony (ret.), and Mark Fisher of the Lyric Opera of Chicago, and International Soloist Don Lucas. While in Chicago, Jared was an original member of the Chicago Trombone Consort.

Mr. Lantzy is currently living in North Austin where he is active as a freelance musician, maintains a private teaching studio and is a proprietor of Edwards House Texas.

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In Their Own Words

Don Rayment

"For most of my professional career, I have performed on an Edwards bass trombone and have always appreciated how it has felt like a natural extension of my playing. The ability to create a trombone that fits you physically as well as musically is such an important factor in being comfortable in any ensemble or musical style.

"From the very first note I was impressed with how it played with such ease and openness yet still maintaining great accuracy and control giving me a rich sound that I had never attained from any other instrument. With an Edwards trombone there are no limitations and you have the confidence that whatever the musical situation, you will have an instrument that will exceed all of your expectations."

Don Rayment
Toronto Freelance Bass Trombonist