Stephen Lange

Tenor Trombone Artist

Stephen Lange

Stephen Lange

Second Trombonist, Boston Symphony Orchestra

Instrument Specs

  • Model: T350-HB

Artist Comments

"Great instruments are the result of their maker's purpose, understanding of their craft, and honest relationships with their clientele. Through blood, sweat, and ears, the folks at Edwards Instruments embody this philosophy, and helped build my beloved instrument. Unlike other trombones, the Edwards T350-HB allows for timbral and color shifts throughout the dynamic range, while having a security and ease of production in all registers - found in no other I've ever played. Whether playing second trombone in the Boston Symphony or first trombone of the Boston Pops, it's hard to imagine an instrument that is as versatile as this one."

Stephen Lange has been a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra since the fall of 2010, and previously held the Associate Principal Trombone Chair of the Saint Louis Symphony for ten years. Mr. Lange has also performed with the New York Philharmonic, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Kennedy Opera House Orchestra, San Antonio Symphony and the Extension Ensemble. During his time in St. Louis, Mr. Lange helped found, and was a member of, The Trombones of the Saint Louis Symphony, culminating in a recently recorded compact disc, 4.1. He has taught at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Washington University in Saint Louis, and is currently on faculty at the New England Conservatory of Music. A graduate of Indiana University and the Juilliard School of Music, Mr. Lange studied with Joe Dixon, Keith Brown and Joseph Alessi.

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In Their Own Words

Michael Carver

"I've played Edwards since 1995 and am impressed by the consistency of the horns and the commitment to continual improvement demonstrated by the company. I enjoy the flexibility of the instrument; it is very easy to color for different repertory and styles from Mahler to Stravinsky and everything in between."

Michael Carver
Bass Trombonist, Chattanooga Symphony