Trombone Artists

Edwards Trombone Artists range from soloists to jazz artists to commercial players to symphonic players. Use the following lists to compare and contrast the different setups these trombonists use.

Artist Body Bell Tuning Slide Slide Leadpipe
Constantine T350 321CF Rose T-BCN T1 Silver
Alessi, Joseph T396-A
Bencze, Csaba T396-A
Bonilla, Martin T350-E 324CD Rose T-BCN T2 Alessi
Branagan, Chris T350-E 324CF Yellow Dual Radius T-BCN T2 Alessi
Brickens, Nathaniel T396-A
Bynum, Joshua T350-E 384CF Rose Single Radius T-STD-N Alessi T2
Carlson, Eric T350 303 Rose Dual Radius T-BC, T-DB T1 Brass
Chinchilla, Iván T350 336CF Rose T-BCN Unknown
Chipburn, Tony T350 372CF Rose T-BCN T2 Chipburn
Clifton, Evan T350-E 384CF Rose Single Radius T-STDN T2
Compton, Paul T350-E 321CF Rose T-STD T2 Silver
Cook, Justin T350-E 321CF Yellow Dual Radius TBC-AN T2 Brass
Crimi, Jason T396-A
Diehl, Brian T350 321CF, 336CF Rose T-BCN T3 Brass
Dixon, Joe T396-A
Duay, Jean-Philippe T350-E 321CF Rose T-STDN T1, T2 Alessi
Dugan, Michael T396-A
Faske, Bruce T396-A
Ferro, Nicola T396-A
Ganicenco, Cristian T350 324CF Rose T-BCN T2 Alessi
Gibson, Bill T350 319CF Rose T-BCN T2 Silver
Gier, David T350 321 Yellow T-BC T2 Brass
Gilbertson, James T350 320CFB Yellow T-BC T3 Brass
Gilkes, Marshall T350-E 381CF Rose T-BCN T2 Alessi
Giussani, Ermes T396-A
Griego, Christan T350 336CF Rose T-BCN T2 Alessi
Gutiérrez, Alejandro T350 384CF Yellow T-BCN T2 Alessi
Hao, Jay T396-A
Haroz, Nitzan T350 321CF, 177CF Rose Dual Radius T-BCN T1 Silver, T2 Brass
Hearn, Barry T396-A
Houlding, Chris T350 335CF Rose T-STDN T2 Brass
Hudson, Rodney T350 321CF Rose T-BCN
Hughes, Joe T350-E 333CF Rose T-BCN T2 Brass
Immel, Don T350-E 381CF Rose T-STD Custom
Jeffs, Stan T396-A
Jennings, Art T350 380CF, 118CF Yellow T-STD T3 Silver
Johnson, Adam T350-E 336CFB Rose TBC Custom
Kaplan, Allan T350-E 371CF Yellow T327-2N T2 Brass
Lange, Stephen T350-HB
Lasch, Brittany T350-HB 372CF Yellow Single Radius T1 Brass
Lee, Jeanie T350-E 333CF Yellow Single Radius T-DBN T2 Brass
Mannix, Natalie T396-A
Mannix, Natalie T396-A
Mazzocchi, Anthony T350-E 369CF Yellow Dual Radius T-BCN T2 Custom
Meyers, Marc T350 319CF Rose T-BCN T2 Alessi
Mulcahy, Craig T396-A
Murray, David T350-HB 384CF Rose Single Radius T-BCN (yellow brass crook) T2 Brass
Myers, Timothy T396-A
Neel, Douglas T350-E 382CF Yellow Single Radius T-BCN T3 Brass
Oft, Toby T350-HB 321CF Rose Single Radius T-BCN
Osborne, Ben T396-A
Perkel, David T350-E 335CF Rose Dual Radius T-BC-AN T2 Alessi
Pire, Alain T396-A
Randazzo, Jonathan T396-A
Raycraft, Jonathan T396-A
Reynolds, Hal T350 321CF Yellow T-BCN T2 Brass
Riccobono, Thomas T350 336CF Rose T-BCN T2 Alessi
Roberts, James T350 336CF, 383CF Rose T-DBN T2 Silver
Robertson, Jemmie T396-A
Rodríguez, Leonel T350 334CF Yellow T-BCN T2 Alessi
Rodriguez, Joseph T350-E 384CF Yellow T-STD T2 Silver
Rogers, Lee T396-A
Ross, Mitch T350 369CF Rose T-STD
Sampó, Fabio T350-E 382CF Yellow T-STDN T2 Brass
Schlosser, Samuel T350-E 321CF Rose Dual Radius T-BCN T2 Brass
Scipioni, Gianluca T396-A
Scipioni, Gianluca T396-A
Scott, James T350-E 321CF Rose T-BCN T2 Alessi
Sharp, Russell T396-A
Shelsta, Scott T350-E 324CF Rose T-BCN T3 Brass
Siefert, Oliver T350 335CF Yellow T-BC-AN T2 Alessi
Sisk, David T350 372CF, 384CF Rose T-BCN T2 Alessi
Stewart, Amanda T396-A
Szabo, Zsolt T350-E 372CF Rose Single Radius T-BCN T2 Brass
Tartaglia, Alex T350-HB 321CF, 144CF Rose Single Radius T-BCN Rose T3 Brass
Taylor, Debra T350-E 381CF Unknown Red Brass T2 Silver
Timmons, Will T396-A
Triplett, Anthony T350-E 372CF Yellow Single Radius T-BCN T2 Silver
Vera, Sebastian T350-E 324CF Yellow Dual Radius T-BCN T2 Silver
Villers, Nicolas B502-I
Wilson, Jeremy T350-E 321CF Rose T-STDN T2 Silver
Yoo, Jeon-Sik T396-A
Zugger, Thomas T350-E 336CF Yellow T-BCN T2 Brass
Artist Body Bell Tuning Slide Slide Leadpipe
Aharoni, Eliezer B427 1179CF Rose B-DB B2 Silver
Baker, Will B502-I
Beghtol, Jason B454-E 1214CF Yellow Dual Radius B-DBN B1 Brass
Bell, Sebastian B454-E 1023CF Yellow Single Radius B-STDN B2
Bermann, Jim B454-CR-D 1023CF, 987CF, 1311CF, 1223CF Rose, Yellow Dual Radius B-DB, B-DBN B3 Silver
Brink, Philip B454 1243CF Rose B-DB B1 Brass
Brown, Joshua B454-DE 987CF Rose Single Radius B-DBN B3 Silver
Carr, Alan B454 1340CF Rose B-STD B2 Silver
Carver, Michael B454-E 1239CF Yellow Single Radius B-STDN B3 Brass
Chinchilla, Iván B454 1047CF Rose B-DBN Unknown
Clifton, Evan B454-E 1251CF Rose Single Radius B-STDN B2
Cravens, Terry B454 1311CF Rose B-DBN Unknown
Froelich, John B454-DE 999CF Yellow Dual Radius B-STD B3 Custom
Griego, Christan B454 1215CF Yellow B-DBN B2 Silver
Guilford, Matthew B454-DE 1501CF Rose B-STD B2 Silver
Gulino, Frank B454-DE 1119CF Rose Single Radius B-STDN B3 Brass
Harper, Gregory B454-D 1023CF Rose Dual Radius B-DBN B1 Brass
Hoelscher, Mark B502-D
Hutchins, Tony B454 1123CF Yellow Single Radius B-DBN B2 Brass
Lantzy, Jared B454-E 927CF & 1023CF Rose Dual Radius B-DB B2 Custom
Markey, James B502-I
McGinness, John B454-E 1059CF Rose Dual Radius B-STDN B2 Brass
McHenry, Darren B454 1143CF Yellow Dual Radius B-DB B2 Brass
McKinney, Russell B454-E 1023CF Rose B-DBN B3 Silver
Milling, Darrin C. B454 987CF Yellow Dual Radius B-DB-AN None
Milling, Darrin C. B454 987 Yellow Single Radius B-DB B3 Brass
Norton, Peter B454 1317CF Rose B-DBN B3 Silver
Pagano, Gerry B502-D
Rainey, Adam B502-I
Rayment, Don B454-V 1143CF Yellow B-DB B2 Brass
Shinn, Erik B454-GE 1149CF Yellow Single Radius B-DB B2 Brass
Spears, Maurice B454 927CF Rose B-DB-AN B1
Stern, David B454 1141CF Yellow B-DBN B2 Silver
Subero, Angel B502-I
Taylor, David B454 1215CF B-DBN Rose B2 Taylor
Thevenet, John B454 987CF Rose B-DBN B2 Brass
Triplett, Anthony B454-E 1239CF Rose Single Radius B-STDN B2 Brass
Villers, Nicolas B502-I
Wilborn, David B454 1149CF Rose B-DB Unknown
Woltering, Clint B454-E 1117CF Rose Single Radius B-STD B2 Brass
Wood, Jeriad B454-V 1119CF (raw brass) Rose Single Radius B-DBN B3 Brass
Artist Body Bell Tuning Slide Slide Neckpipe Leadpipe
Allen, Brian T302 9177CF Yellow T302-3N C T3 Silver
Anderson, Clifton T327 144CF Yellow T-STDN T1 Custom
Andrews, Troy "Trombone Shorty" T302 9190CF Yellow .508N Yellow T1 Brass
Boscarino, Michael T302 4177CF Yellow T-302-1 Yellow T3 Brass
Clevinger, Phil T302 9170CF Yellow T-302-3 Nickel Unknown
Compton, Paul T302 9129CF Rose T302-1N Yellow T2 Silver
Gibson, Bill T302 9090/1 CF Rose T302-1N-S Nickel T1 Silver
Gilkes, Marshall T302 9189CF Yellow T302-1 Yellow T3 Silver
Kaplan, Allan T302 9142CF Yellow T302-1 Yellow T3
Kramer, Darren T302 9176CF Yellow Single Radius T-302-1N-S Yellow T1 Silver
Lee, Jeanie T302 9132CF Rose T302-2N Yellow T2 Brass
Neel, Douglas T302 9189CF Rose Dual Radius .508-N Yellow T2 Brass
Perkel, David T302 9129CF Yellow Single Radius T-302-3N Yellow
Pittsley, Mike T302 9177CF Yellow T302-1N Yellow T3
Rinear, Jeff T302 9141CF Yellow T302-2 Unknown T2 Silver
Wiest, Steve T302 9048CF Yellow Single Radius T302-3N-S Rose T1 Custom
Wilson, Dennis T302 9142CF Nickel T302-1N C T2
Wilson, Phil T302 9129CF Yellow T302-3N Nickel T1 Custom
Winslow, David T302 9177CF Yellow Single Radius T-302-1-N Yellow T1

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David Taylor

"Over the last ten years my creativity and playing ability have grown beyond my wildest dreams because of the wonderful sound and ease the Edwards Instruments provide."

David Taylor
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