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The prices listed on our site are for those customers that live in the United States or regions/countries that do not have Edwards dealers. Customers in areas that have Edwards authorized dealers need to contact those distributors in order to get prices on our products.

In the past, our web site had a shopping cart that allowed you to purchase instruments or components online. It served its purpose, but oftentimes it was more work than it was worth. Cathy would usually have to call or email customers after the order was placed in order to finalize shipping costs or collect more information about the order. That's just the nature of selling highly customizable products.

For the time being, we have decided to do away with the shopping cart and are instead offering the following form. Please fill it out with as many details about the instrument and/or components you want and Cathy or Christan will contact you to finalize your order.

Please do not include any credit card information when submitting this form. We will contact you over the phone to collect that information after your submission is received.

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Fill out the form with information about a complete instrument or individual components. For example, if you only want a trombone slide, you may fill out the "slide" field and leave all others blank.

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