The Edwards Story

The Edwards Instrument Company was established in 1989 to meet the needs of professional musicians who have very specific ideas about how their instruments should sound and feel.

Edwards Trombones

Professional trombonists have experimented extensively by modifying existing instruments. To make the "F" register respond like the open instrument, they have converted the "F" attachments to open wrap configurations and have added new types of valves. Also, mouthpipes have been changed to alter the response and intonation of an instrument. Bells have been exchanged, lead has been added in braces, and duct tape has even been put on bells to alter the sound.

However, there are inherent problems with this approach to instrument design:

The end result is an unknown.

Many good instruments have gone through extensive modification, only to be less satisfactory than their original condition. Other modifications have enhanced one aspect of an instrument while severely compromising another.

Conversions are expensive.

Having good custom work done on an instrument is costly in parts and labor, even if the first experiment is satisfactory. It is certainly not efficient to purchase an instrument and then alter or replace many of its components.

To address the needs of professional trombonists, Edward Getzen, the third generation in a family of musical instrument builders, began researching the idea of producing a factory made custom instrument.

Extensive experimentation has been done in acoustics and metallurgy by Edwards. Invaluable assistance was also provided by leading artists from across the country.

The Edwards Company offers the professional artist a truly individual, personal instrument, incorporating just the right balance between state of the art precision manufacturing techniques and hand craftsmanship. The highest quality premium grade materials are used to ensure consistency.

Edwards Trumpets

Edwards Instrument Co. began building trumpets in 1994. Andrew Naumann joined the Edwards design team in 1998 and established the first generation of Edwards Trumpets. These instruments were offered in B flat as well as C. The Generation I trumpets were constructed as an interchangeable instrument. Since 1998, improvements in design led to the introduction of the Generation II models. These trumpets offer an integral leadpipe design as well as one-piece hand hammered bells. The integral leadpipe design offers a more efficient way of changing leadpipes and creates a perfect alignment from the end of the leadpipe to the beginning of the tuning slide tube. This alignment is critical because it allows a smoother transition of air flow which creates improved intonation and stability when playing the instrument. One-piece hand hammered bells offer the player the highest quality of sound in the industry. All Edwards bells are made at our factory by a small team of expert craftsmen.

In the Fall of 2000, Edwards introduced the Generation X Bb and C trumpets. These instruments were designed to create an extremely stable, rich tone. The Generation X models still offer all the flexibility of the Generation II Models. There are a variety of bells, leadpipes and two bore sizes to choose from. All Generation X Models come standard in 24K gold plating.

Edwards offers a two week trial period when credit has been established. We also highly recommend that you visit the "Edwards Pro Stop" in Elkhorn WI. We offer a large selection of Valve sets, Bells, Tuning Slides and leadpipes for your trial. Generally, instruments can be tested, adjusted and assembled for the customer to purchase at the time of the appointment. If components need to be special ordered or happen to not be in stock, the waiting period is no more than 10 weeks.

Please call (800) 562-6838 or (262) 723-4221 to schedule an appointment at the Edwards Pro Stop!

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