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Where Can You Get an Edwards?

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Well, at or Dillon Music or Washington Music.

Or at our upcoming trade shows.

Up next is the Texas Music Educators Association annual convention in San Antonio. TMEA is a huge event and this year I’m bringing a lot of horns (along with a few that only a handful of people have ever played). Be sure to stop by our booth to take part in some beta tests! It’s my goal to show you that our horns are best in your hands being used to create music and further yourself as a musician.

After TMEA we’ll be attending the National Trumpet Competition and Eastern Trombone Workshop in March. Trumpet players will be able to play test our new Eb (the one that’s been in development for three or so years). It’s actually been done for quite some time now, but we were finalizing a few small details before putting it into production.


TMEA & Edwards 2009

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Another year has come & gone and most new years resolutions are already broken. Well my New Years resolution was to complete the Alessi model and it has come true. We have started production and the first few are now in the buffing department.

There are a few small details that will be added as we go along but the overall instrument is completed and we will have two of these at the upcoming TMEA in San Antonio Texas show for you to try. Please allow some time so you can try out our patent pending technology that we are excited about.

The dates are February 12-14. You can find more information here.

See you soon,

TMEA 2008

Monday, February 11th, 2008

We’re getting ready to head to San Antonio (although some of us area already there) and are looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting many new ones.

Once again, we’ll have Leonard Candelaria, Paul Tynan and Bill Takacs helping out with the trumpets. Chris Branagan, Christan Griego and Joshua Brown will be working with the trombone players that get too close to the booth. We’ll miss Paul Compton this year, as he’s too busy winning the Remington Choir Competition to join us.