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Alessi and the T396-A at Midwest

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Edwards will be at the Midwest Convention in Chicago December 17-19 displaying our regular assortment of trombones and trumpets. After much testing and input from players around the country, we’ll be showing our new Eb trumpet, as well.

Trombone players will also be able to play a new horn — the Alessi Model. But there’s a catch. You won’t find the T396-A in the exhibits hall. Instead, interested trombonists need to come to the booth to receive an invitation to our top secret location where you’ll find the horn and quite possibly Joe Alessi himself.

Okay, Joe will be there and so will I. We are planning on doing two to three sessions a day. Each session will begin with a 15 minute introduction, followed by a Q&A and time for you to try the horn. Please bring your own mouthpiece.

Space at these private sessions is limited, so be sure to stop by the Edwards booth early to pick up an invite. We have tentatively scheduled two sessions on the 17th and three sessions on the 18th & 19th.

See you there.

Edwards Eb Trumpet

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Just built our first five Eb trumpets. They’re in process in the buff room. After this they will be silver plated.

After they’re assembled we’ll get pictures of them and then you’ll be able to see them in the final state on the website.

Thanks to all that tried (purchased) and gave their input on the design and final product. It’s exciting to work with all of you and your input is greatly appreciated. Graham Ashton, Leonard Candelaria, William Takacs, and many players in the surrounding area (some not to be named due to other manufacturer endorsements) input was used and I am thankful to have these people as friends and collaborators.

We look forward to having this model added to the current Edwards line available Jan 1st 2009.


Christan Griego