Beware of Phishing Scam

August 17th, 2017 by Joshua Brown

Email Phishing

One of our distributors just received an email that appears to have come from us. The return email address has our domain. The message header has a nice Edwards logo. The footer includes our correct contact information. It’s the stuff in the middle that makes it dangerous. First, the content:

“This announcement has been uploaded for your kind information through our secure information sharing portal which is linked to your email server.”


This was probably run through a translator. All we know is Christan has never uttered the phrase “secure information sharing portal.” Or “kind information.”

Surprisingly enough, the links in the email don’t even go to our secure information sharing portal! (We don’t have one). Instead, they send the user to a website that undoubtedly wants to do them harm. So don’t click the links. Delete the email and go about your business. The good news is that most email providers will flag this and send it to spam. Google did that for us.

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