Working with You

February 25th, 2017 by Christan Griego

Yesterday I was working with a young musician the age of 17 and I was reminded of why I do what I do. Getting to hear and help talented musicians of all ages has it’s rewards. Not only was the father ecstatic that his son sounded better than he ever had, the scholarship auditions are approaching for this player. The instrument (I felt) will help him get a better scholarship than on his old clunker, and definitely motivate him to practice. I remember when I purchased my Edwards how much I practiced after the new Edwards was in my hands….

With the non stop shows (that seem to grow in numbers), look for us at the American Trombone Workshop in DC, ITG in Hershey PA, ITF in the Redlands CA, Alessi Seminar in September, Midwest in Chicago in December, and TMEA again next February.

If you are young enough to do any of the competitions available, then you should. I still regret not entering these when I was young enough. Even attending these conferences can light a fire under you and keep you motivated. Many times when working on new things or concepts it’s hardest to keep things fresh and moving forward.

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