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July 19th, 2011 by Christan Griego

We’re experiencing a lot of growth at Edwards this year. As a result, we can’t keep up with the 6-8 week trombone delivery estimates we’ve listed on our product pages. A more realistic timeframe for complete horn delivery is 8-12 weeks. We are ramping up production, but we want to do it slowly in order to maintain our build standards.

The good news is that your money is sitting in your bank during those 8-12 weeks; we don’t charge you until the horn ships. So if you’re in the market for a new Edwards, you might consider getting your order in sooner than later.

Your patience with us through this year of growth is appreciated. We will continue to do our best to improve our delivery.

The Edwards Team

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  1. George Felder Says:

    Thanks for this update! I had ordered a B454-V valve section in Gb last March, and the money was in Getzen’s bank as of the 7th of March. Normally I am rarely in a rush, but the order was actually stimulated by my “Original” Edwards B454 valve section experiencing some “sticking” (especially on the Gb valve) that sometimes is barely alleviated by LOTS OF OIL every day! Since the valve section is from 1989, and you all have made TONS of improvements since then, I cannot complain–and Cathy DID warn me that it would take at least to June! I am VERY HAPPY for your growth and success, but, due to my tardiness in ordering the new valve section, I am getting worried that one day soon I will be down to a “straight bass bone” and I really DO need both valves!
    Hopefully, those of us with pre-paid orders for 19 weeks will be high on your build list!! (HAHA)

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