Trombone Valve Conversion Kits

January 13th, 2010 by Joshua Brown

We have received request upon request for our Axial Flow (Thayer) valves. We are now pleased to offer valve conversion kits that will allow you to modify your existing Bach, Conn, or other trombone of choice with an Edwards valve system. We are too busy building horns to do the conversions ourselves, but we will be happy to refer you to a competent repair tech that can do the work.

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3 Responses to “Trombone Valve Conversion Kits”

  1. Bob Smithj Says:


    I have a Bach Stradivarius 42BO that I would like to convert to a straight Bach 42:

    Can you do this for me; & if, “yes” what would be the cost?

    Also, do you have a Bach 42 that I could trade with you for my 42BO, which is in very good condition?

  2. Ron Knaflic Says:

    Sorry we do not do the conversion work on any other brands. Give us a call and we can recommend some great repairmen.


  3. Spencer Says:

    Do you have parts to convert a slide trombone to a 3 valve trombone? I have a Conn 6H tenor. Thank you.

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