Ron Knaflic Becomes a Father

November 26th, 2009 by Christan Griego

It seems that 2009 has been the year of the baby.

On Tuesday, Ron Knaflic became the proud father of Roland Francis Knaflic, a beautiful baby boy that came into this world a strong 8.8 pounds.

Congratulations go out to Ron and his wife Ellen on the addition to their family.

Ron and Roland

One Response to “Ron Knaflic Becomes a Father”

  1. Jim Hicks Says:

    We set up an appointment on Jan 22, 2010 for 8:30am. Will you be awake enough to work with me – Har-Har!

    First things first – buy him a Titanium Trike, then when he’s on solid food (6 mos. max because he will be way ahead of schedule) get him an alto trombone – BUT GET HIM A TEACHER – DON”T DO IT YOURSELF!.

    Really – Congratulations!

    Jim Hicks

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