Summer Special

July 17th, 2009 by Christan Griego

Summer Case SpecialDo you remember those tan Edwards travel cases we used to sell? We’re going to start selling them again because we recently found quite a few while going through our inventory.

If you purchase any T350(E), Alessi T396-A or B454(E), we can offer you one of these vintage-style travel cases at cost. That’s $170 for tenor and $175 for bass. When these cases are gone, the sale is over. We still have our current cases and gig bags for sale, but if you’re a fan of tan, give Cathy a call to place your order:

(800) 562-6838

View image of open case

3 Responses to “Summer Special”

  1. Gordon Macdougall Says:

    Is the case offer only open to people purchasing a new instrument ? I own a B454 and have always preferred the tan cases. Is it possible for me to buy one ?


  2. John Steel Says:



    I am only a few weeks away from finalizing my funds for a bass bone purchase!

    I definately want a had case, as I do travel to and from Korea. Are they basically the same as the standard hard case, with the exception of being the outser skin?

  3. Luiz Eduardo Oliveira de Souza Says:


    Tengo interes en comprar el caso para Trombón T350 E del especiale de verano,pero estoy en Brasil.

    Gustaria de saber cuanto custar√° el envio para Brasil.

    Muitas gracias

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