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February 18th, 2009 by Joshua Brown

The written word only does so much for people learning how to maintain their instruments. That’s why we put Christan in front of the camera to demonstrate various techniques to keep your Edwards in top working order. First up… trombone slide cleaning.

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    good video very educational but I have a question

    what you did to the outer slide it is pretty good but also you pushed the dirt to the crook. how do you eliminate that dirt that now is in the crook??? because if you do that over and over the crook at some point will be full of dirt.

  2. Christan Griego Says:

    There are products that you can use to swab out the end crook (snakes or spitball which you can find at http://www.hickeys.com/pages/tnclean.htm ) I have also seen a fuzzy cleaning rod with a flexible fuzzy tip that goes around the endcrook. I prefer to just use the standard cleaning rods that you can replace the cloth. The cleaning rods with this built in material always looked like a breeding ground for bacteria for me.

    At Edwards we use ultrasonic cleaners and flush the slide with warm soapy water in the ulstrasonic cleaners to make sure we get rid of any gunk that is in the endcrook. Before I had access to these great cleaning machines I used a snake with warm soapy water once a year or two. Make sure the snake is vinyl coated so you do not score the inside of the outer slide.

  3. David Burch Says:

    I have been using this identical method on the outer slide for many years, and it works very well. BUT, to respond to Ivan’s question, I FIRST clean the interior of the inner slide and the crook, together, using a long-flexible slide brush, water, and Dawn dish detergent. This removes residue from anything you might have blown into the instrument from the inner surfaces. After rinsing out with warm water, I then separate the inner and outer slides and proceed as Christan did in the video.

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