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January 29th, 2009 by Christan Griego

Well every day you are receiving a media blitz of negative economic feedback. I’d like to focus on something that is a bit more positive… economic growth. How so? Well we have not only continued hiring but are making the instruments you choose to play right here in Wisconsin.

Recently we have hired some people that lost their jobs when the Holton factory in Elkhorn was closed by the Steinway Corporation. We are finding areas where these people can continue their chosen profession as artisans of brass in our factory. My second trombone was a Holton that had “Elkhorn, WI USA” on it. With the closing of the Elkhorn Holton factory we lost another trombone/trumpet line that was not only unique but the dream of a trombone player Frank Holton. I honestly would like to keep my dream alive by continuing to be Made in the USA so that my designs are not just lost at the end of this decade, or the next few.

The one thing you can count on with Edwards is that we are going to remain making 100% of our instruments here in the United States.

You get to decide where to spend your money. With Edwards you can understand that your money is not going to China or some other country that does not use your money in your economy. The money you spend with Edwards is helping people that are just like your neighbors, keep their jobs and keep manufacturing strong in America. Oh, to say nothing of myself who is continued to be employed even after all these years…

There are lots of reasons to consider an instrument Made in the USA. We hope you consider these reasons when you are ready to start testing instruments to make the music you have chosen to play.


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  1. Jay Moody Says:

    I salute you and all the folks at Edwards, and Getzen, too for all your efforts. Holton nade some fine horns and it is a shame to see them leave Elkhorn.
    I’m glad to hear that you were able to hire some of their folks.
    I wish you and your company continued success at Edwards.
    Jay Moody

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