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March 20th, 2008 by Joshua Brown

We recently received the following message from Edwards bass trombonist Phil Brink:

TubaMania is the brainchild of Steve Rosse, who is not only a major world-class tuba soloist and principal Tuba of the Sydney Symphony, but also a major entrepreneur when it comes to fostering interest in the tuba around the world. For this first “real” TubaMania Asia Festival, he managed to get the XL Tuba Quartet from Croatia, and the great — like, GREAT! — tuba soloist and composer Roland Szentpali to come to Bangkok. We performed and had masterclasses at the Mi-Fa Center just off Sukhumvit in downtown BKK, and the experience was awesome! Can we still say awesome, or is it old hat? I for one started off feeling like a foreigner as the only trombonist on the faculty, but the other soloists and presenters quickly shut that worry down, making me feel like one of the bunch!

The conference was so successful we decided to keep it up, and as a step in that direction, Steve — with whom I played in the New Mexico Symphony in 1987-88 — decided to prepare his demo CD for a commercial recording, right here in Bangkok. In setting that up he then decided to make it a recital opportunity. This is what I love about working in Thailand: “You want a concert? Let’s have a concert? How about a month from now?” And thus it was… an amazing group, with trumpet (Lertkiat Chongjirajitra), horn (Krit Vikornvongvanich), trombone (me), and Tuba (Steve), with absolutely a fantastic accompanist (Tomoko Sawano) from the Berlin Universitat der Kunst. It was a very special happening, playing with all these outstanding performers, and also because this program followed a performance by the Thailand Philharmonic and was followed by me traveling to Beijing for the first of a series of three master classes, sponsored by Edwards, and one more in Hong Kong! When I got back to Thailand I was… pretty beat!

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we all enjoyed the performances, and classes.

Phil Brink

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